Data Quality Management

Data management is key for the successful implementation of Solvency II, and insurers must take an integrated approach that involves data governance, data quality processes and data management technology.

Quality Assurance Analysis

Using our insurance experience as actuary, we can effectively ensure that your policies, contracts, claims and accounting data from multiple source systems are migrated into your new policy administration system with a maximum of completeness, correctness, and consistency.

Welcome to Brainmize actuarial consulting !

Brainmize’s approach is differently down-to-earth. Our solutions are pragmatic and appropriate to our clients’ businesses.

Dynamic Asset-Liability Management

We aim to show how sophisticated financial models can be used more directly to optimize investment strategy.

Mathematical Approach for Insurance Models

Brainmize has a long, rich tradition of developing the mathematical tools needed to address key scientific and technical needs of the Risk and Actuary department.

Best Estimate under Solvency II

Base on his experience, Brainmize can help you to choose the most appropriate method to increase the robustness of the assessment process, demonstrate that the assumptions used are appropriate, realistic and have been validated and reviewed, and the adequacy of statistical and financial data underlying used.

HR metrics and analytics

Brainmize has a great experience in HR metrics, modelling solutions architectures, implement key metrics and support system especially in forecasting of budget and estimate the pension plan employer charges.

Expertise in actuarial software

Brainmize has developed expertise and skills through our practice with clients. We deliver implemented solutions and tailored trainings.

Welcome to Brainmize actuarial consulting

Brainmize is an actuarial consulting firm located in Brussels that is focused on providing services and supports for insurers.

The new Solvency II regime presents significant challenges for insurers and is set to bring fundamental change to the European insurance industry. Although traditionally expert in liability calculations, insurers face an urgent challenge to collect and present asset data required by the directive, and they are looking for innovative third-party solutions to help them through this complexity.

Implementing Solvency II requires understanding of several concepts relating to governance, risk management and capital setting. Meeting these demands requires a comprehensive, integrated approach to risk analysis (Dynamic Asset Liability Management, Profit Testing ...); an automated approach to data management (Data Quality Managment, Business Process Managment, ...) with clear ownership and high quality data; and a strategic, business-focused design that is easy to understand and manage.

While each insurer will face unique challenges, the Brainmize's approach is differently down to earth and practical. We aim to demystify the theory and implement solutions which are appropriate to your business.

The Actuarial Practice of Brainmize can provide you with the sophisticated tools, models and services that you need to wade through financial regulations and calculate risk. For this, we use our mathematical and actuarial modeling skills to assist our clients in evaluating and addressing risk. We offer also programmatic solutions and pragmatic use of conventional actuarial software so our clients may manage and prepare for the potential financial consequences of uncertain future events. Ultimately we can help you enhance your organization’s performance and even increase profitability.

In addition to identifying needs, it is essential to implement the solution according to the knowledge and tools of the actuarial department. Your depatrment will become independent and be able to continue working with minimal maintenance effort. In this way, the solution will be your idea, not ours. We remain committed to developing innovative tools and products and providing expert solutions, and we will continue to earn our clients’ trust by keeping our focus fixed on their department objectives.

“We aim to demystify the theory”